Leanne D’Souza Costa Frias

I have always been conservative in my dress sense, Choosing  a comfort fit  any day over a skimpy sexy number . However with the big 40 looming I really wanted to reinvent myself and explore styles a little out of my comfort  Zone. I heard Monty sally -Goa’s top fashion designer- had recently re-launched  himself in the wedding and evening Gown segment, so I decided to approach him. After a brief chat about my likes and dislikes , I left it up to him to come up with a dress that would fit the occasion. Within a few days my dress was ready which I would have never otherwise have tried in a store let alone buy. It was Short sweet sexy and covered up all my flaws!  Most importantly everyone commented that I didn’t look remotely close to 40. Thank You Monty , Forget Diamonds ….You are a lady’s best friend.