About Monty Sally

Get to know India's avant gardé designer

Monty Sally is a much celebrated designer based in the transitional state of mind called Goa; known for his outré take on design he effortlessly embraces varied visuals which could spell whimsical, sometimes Grandiose and could easily deliquesce into the muted. Monty Sally brings to the table the ability to conceptualise unique experiences which is a skill set honed over 15 years in the design and fashion industry. This Avant Garde designer is making his presence felt at the national circuit with a shows at the Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru Jaipur and his home state Goa. Travelling the warp and weft experiencing the great cultural fabric of India; an army kid Monty aided by the long train Journeys with his family was sewing together in his mind a vision of beauty, a vision that ended with his penchant to seek the same allurement in all that he essayed through his work.

Emancipation from the quagmire of a 9 to 5 job Monty Sally found expression to his creativity in the world of Fashion Design. After a brief introductory course in design Monty gained valuable expertise and experience working for various studios. Monty Sally launched his label “Monty Sally” on April 11 2003 with a show at the Cidade de Goa Lawns with none other than Aditi Govitrikar gracing the ramp in the designer’s garments. Ever since there has been no looking back, models Nina Manuel, Fleur Xavier, Dipti Gujral, Anchal Kumar, Pooja Chopra, Amruta Patki and many more have walked the ramp in Monty Sally garments.

Monty Sally has collaborated with  FTV, Mercedes Benz, Tata Hexa, Times, Fastrack, Very, GCC (Goa chamber of commerce), Cygnus jewelers, Crosscraft ltd., La Affaire Extraordinaire, Global steel conference, INOX IFFI Party, launch of brand Rx; sports club of Goa, the Portuguese consulate, GTDC (Goa Tourism Development Corporation), “Help” and “Prague” movie promotions which makes him a much sought after designer.

The designer has incorporated the holistic value of gems, the temperance of steel, the dynamism of the oceans, the exuberance of light, the saga of love and war and other stimulating, surreal states of being in his garments. His off kilter unique execution of the spectacular visual that are his  garments see the use of metal, shell, plastic, acrylic, glass etc. in a mottled melee of possibilities, his collections  ‘Agama Tirtha’, ‘The silver frog and magic mushroom dreams’, ‘Réflexions sur la plage’, ‘De-wine Hedonism’, ‘Construct’ show the designers dexterity in envisaging designs using varied sources of inspiration.

Monty prides himself on creating designs that are cerebrally captivating, visually vivid and exact in their execution. It is with humility that Monty don’s the title designer knowing he can never be the creator.